Single Din Vs Double Din

Single Din Vs Double Din – Which is Better?

If you are planning to purchase a newfangled car stereo as a replacement to your car’s old factory stereo, then choosing which is which might lead you to a real dilemma. There are two types of in-car DVD player, the single din and double din. Both of these car audio systems have the same purpose that is to bring entertainment on the road. So if you want to learn more about these products, then you may continue to read on. This article will tell you more about single din vs double din.

“What is the difference between single din and double din?” This is probably one of the most common questions raised by most car owners, especially those novice ones. But before we dig into more details, let us know first what exactly a DIN is. DIN was originated from Germany. It stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung or also known as German Industry Standards. Literally, to make things less complicated, single din is just the same with German Industry standard 1 while the double din is the same with German Industry Standard 2.

Single Din vs Double Din is one of the hottest topic of most car aficionados. For more in-depth information, continue to read on. Basically, a single din car stereo has the standard dimension while a double din is much bigger. This simply connotes that a double din is twice the height and width of a single Din. Hence, double din is twice as large as single din and offers has a lot of features to offer aside from the standard dvd player.

Essentially, a double din car stereo is just an upgraded version of a single din. It only means that it is more advanced as it is loaded with fantastic features more than a single din can offer. But just like other gadgets, both of these in-car devices also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Single Din Vs Double Din: The Pros and Cons

Pros of Single Din:

  • It can be easily set up inside the car as most car factory stereos have the same size with the single din.
  • It fits snugly on any car.

Cons of Single Din:

  • The screen is not that big which makes it a bit difficult for the user to view images or watch videos

Pros of Double Din:

  • It has a much larger screen size
  • It usually comes with greater processing power and more fantastic and modern features

Cons of Double Din:

  • It is more expensive as compared to the single din

Single din vs double din is one of the essential topics you need to learn first before placing you order. This will greatly help you determine which one is suitable for your needs. This will guide you along the way and makes the decision-making process even easier than ever.

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