Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Review

Pioneer AVH-P3300BT is one of the sought-after receivers in the market today. It is carefully fabricated by the finest innovators which makes it more striking, durable and pretty impressive. Measuring 9.9 x 11 x 6.7 inches, this one of a kind receiver delivers you ultimate entertainment that will surely give you fun and entertaining driving experience.

Pioneer AVH-P3300BT also has a lightweight design as it only weighs 5.2 pounds making it easier for you to install it in your car. This is actually designed not only to those car enthusiasts but also for those who own cars as well. With this car audio system, you can now enjoy more your everyday trip together with your family or friends.
Below are some of the fantastic features that you can relish using the Pioneer AVH-P3300BT.

Excellent Interface. This receiver features a more advanced interface that can be customized according to your preference. It is also quite easy to use as you only need to tap, swipe or drag so you can access and navigate the controls. It also allows you to select one of the two available modes. The first one is the Simple mode which is ideal for those who want basic controls while the other one is the Full Operation mode which is great for those who want to explore and modify other controls.

Integrated Bluetooth. Another feature you will surely find very useful is the built-in Bluetooth. So if you have a Bluetooth-capable phone, then you can surely enjoy this feature. All you have to do is to tap the phone icon on the receiver’s display – as simple as that.
Padora Ready Feature. Pandora is one of the popular internet music service. And now, you can access it anytime you want as long as you use your iPhone. Simply connect the receiver to your iPhone so you can have the control of Pandora.

iPod Direct Control. Pioneer AVH-P3300BT also features the iPod Direct control that enables you to hook your iPod or iPhone so you can enjoy a variety of songs saved on your music gadget.

USB Port and SD Card Slot. This receiver is also equipped with USB and SD card slots. This only means that you can also play files saved on your flash drive or SD card by just inserting either of them on their designated slots.

Those mentioned above are just some of the best features offered by Pioneer AVH-P3300BT. Other highlights included are the Sonic Center control and Sound retriever, MOSFET amplification, Dual-Zone Audio/Video, and Auto EQ. However, if these features don’t fit your needs, then you should try to read other product reviews.


  • The Bluetooth feature pretty awesome
  • It is very easy to install
  • It has a sophisticated interface
  • It can be customized
  • It can also be expanded


  • Some users find it a bit hard to operate

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