Lanzar SDN72UBD Review

If you’re looking for a cheaper yet high technology DVD touch screen receiver, consider purchasing a Lanzar SDN72UBD. It has built-in Bluetooth, 7 inch touchscreen, a variety of supported file types and formats, with USB/SD connectivity and booming 320 watts power. This incredible gadget can be purchase in the internet with great discount pricing as well as special offers to look forward to.

Lanzar SDN72UBD can be purchased online including free shipment. Not all shopping online websites offer 60% off for this unbelievable and incredible gadget a lot of online shop does like It is a website that offers friendly offers and discount to all valued consumers and shoppers.

The pros and cons


Talking about the features of this product, you can enjoy hands-free phone calls since it has built-in Bluetooth. It has a wider touch screen display and a detachable motorized front panel with 800×480 pixel resolution, a great experience for watching videos. Also, this type of receiver can play back various media formats (DVD, CD, VCD and CD-R/RW) and has anti-shock system that prevents skipping while travelling on the road. On the other hand, a number of consumers prefer playing MP3s for listening music for hours, thanks to SDN72UBD for having USB port and SD/MMC card slot. Even DivX video is supported, so it’s like winning in a lottery since you get to have one product item with multipurpose features. If you wish to listen to your favorite radio programming, Lanzar SDN72UBD has a PLL synthesizer tuner. With18 FM and 12 AM station preset used for favorite stations storage. Nonetheless, it conveys a maximum 320 watts of power and 4x 80 watts in minimum, whereas expanding the system with the use of RCA preamp and subwoofer outputs. Lastly, if you’re a gamer type of person, this high technology touch screen receiver also has A/V connections for video game system and camera connections for video camera external device. A wireless remote control is included as well in the package, indeed, an all-in-one technology for all.


There are some people who reacted much on the price. Some can afford and come are not.

For more details and other queries you may, they offer a lot of Lanzar SDN72UBD items that will best suit your taste. Isn’t it great? Try visiting the site, do online shopping and enjoy an exciting way to get in touch with your favorite gadgets.

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