Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 Review

A decent entertainment system plus an efficient and commendable navigation technology can be a good boost of to your car. Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 is a combination of navigation and entertainment systems put in one unit to supply you with commendable navigation and entertainment system. Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 has a full-featured navigation technology from Garmin with an excellent 6.1-inch touchscreen monitor to support for a variety of media. This Kenwood DNX6960 will keep you on track making you well-entertained.

On the bright side, Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 is perfect for your car when you want a full and effective navigation system. The unit is installed with a first class navigational technology from the world’s top navigation provider company named Garmin.

Accurate maps of different places all over the world are included in Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 set of navigational maps including over 6 million points of interest like the full map of U.S.A and other countries. In addition, it has a built-in NAVTEQ traffic data that provides real-time traffic data for over 80 major cities in North America. This would mean that you can work your way out of traffic easily. If a congested area is ahead on your route, the navigation system will immediately re-navigate the route to get you to your destination as soon as possible. You can easily drive through towns of different countries with ease and guidance.

This unit is also armed with full entertainment features that allow you to play music and videos in your car without having any troubles adjusting or converting your files to suit your player. If you prefer AM/FM radio, this unit still suits your demand for entertainment. You can also put all your files in your USB devices like flash drives and mp3, mp4, iPods and iPhones with its USB portable hub.

It is very noticeable that there is a glitch in its media synchronization, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to switch forward or backward between songs, or to choose the songs from the list menu. What happens is when you switch songs the unit freezes for the 10 seconds or less and then resumes again. This is a deducting actor on its entertainment features.

This unit is most likely not ahead of its pact, because obviously there are better and more sophisticated breeds of like this in the market. When allowing an expert to rate this product in terms of comparison this might just fall on the 4th of 5th slot. Among the breeds of Kenwood in dash navigational products the map packs of this unit is a little outdated of about 2 to 3 years. You can settle on other units if you prefer the latest map packs for a more accurate navigational system.

Considering the price to pay for this product, it would still be a good deal if you decide to get Kenwood Excelon DNX6960. The price is not to high and it’s decent enough to provide you with your car navigation and entertainment demands.

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