KENWOOD DNX9960 Review

Motoring enthusiasts are always on the look for the newest most convenient and effective interior add-ons to their own vehicles. When searching for an all in one navigation/entertainment and security gadget for cars what people usually consider is the GPS Navigation System, Voice recognition, Extensive mobile phones and iPhone interactivity for hands free processes, Steering wheel remote compatibility and an all in one entertainment system.

Kenwood came up with a better partner for your driving and entertainment demands. The new KENWOOD DNX9960 eXcelon In-Dash 2-DIN AV Navigation System w/ Built-in Bluetooth 6.95″ has In-dash Navigation Receiver with DVD, CD, MP3, WMA player. The navigation system is above the sails for it has collaborated with Garmin Company that offers 3D views of buildings and maps, and it has the NAVTEQ traffic receiver to help you find perfect routes to avoid traffic jams.

KENWOOD DNX9960 also has iPod and iPhone USB direct connectivity with the optional Kenwood iPod connection cable. This will allow you to control your iPhone through the receiver and stereo system. It has a 6.95 Touchscreen LCD that has operational screen viewing modes in normal, full, justify or zoom along with a VGA screen that makes your viewing experience a whole lot better.

Users of KENWOOD DNX9960 found the gadget great and ready going the Garmin navigation system is on top of its kind awesome and very useful. There are no problems with the audio features for it has a crystal clear voice application and voice recognition feature. Hands free features are also optimal, very clear on both ends during calls and playbacks. The monitor is excellently designed, very crisp, and visually appealing complimented with its easy to use interface.

KENWOOD DNX9960 gained too many good reviews on its systems, basically on the whole package except for its few weak points. All though almost every aspect of it is working great people are having a bit hard time inserting maps to its GPS. It also has a slow boot process it takes few extra seconds before it boots up and there is a bit of lag upon using the top menu. The slow boot time almost cancel the usefulness of its optional reverse camera because by the time it appears on the screen the car has already traversed few yards. Others also say that they find it hard to search songs on the external hard drive because of its inferior processor speed. Though this are few minor glitch in the system still they are important in it’s over all application.

These are few things that you need to consider before you decide to purchase a certain item. There have been a lot of changes applied in this new KENWOOD DNX9960 compared to the previous model. Whether it is a great buy or not, it still depends on your preference.

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