Kenwood DNX6140 Review

Always wanting to grab a handy and efficient interior add-on feature to your vehicle? Kenwood DNX6140 6.1-Inch Wide Double-DIN In-Dash Navigation with Built-in Bluetooth USB/iPod Direct Control/DVD Receiver might just be the unit you are looking for. Built to provide you and your car with a full operational navigation system and a complete entertainment features. This is surely a great innovation to help you enjoy and exploit your daily driving escapades.

Kenwood DNX6140 gives you a bunch of useful and convenient features to go together with your vehicle. Integrated with navigation system guides you in all places with ease on a 6.1” monitor screen. Kenwood DNX6140’s navigation system functions are instinctively easy to operate, controlled by touchscreen menus and voice guidance works over the vehicle’s speaker system. With Garmin on hand, you are sure that your navigation needs are catered accordingly and accurately. There is no need to switch and insert map discs of different places since it comes with a built-in full-memory Garmin Navigation board that features maps of so many countries in the likes of Canada, USA, Alaska and Hawaii.

The DNX6140 is with a built-in Bluetooth that is a great all around solution for audio, video and navigation demands. The built-in Bluetooth hands-free system of Kenwood DNX6140 enables easy, quick, and safe cellular phone transactions inside the car. You can drive and talk at the same time without worrying of crashing on the road. Kenwood DNX6140 is also equipped with efficient multimedia receivers that connect flawlessly with mostiPods and the new iPhone 3G featuring audio video playback via a KCA-iP301V USB Direct Cable. Kenwood DNX6140 multimedia services offer better quality by including a Sirius SSP interface. Which means with Sirius SC-C1C tuner or a SC-VDOC1 car dock cradle you can play comfortably browse and listen to any AM/FM stations for your music craves.

Kenwood DNX6140 is seamlessly perfect for your navigation/entertainment needs but the price you need to pay is a must considered factor before you decide on purchasing it. Kenwood DNX6140 is a little more expensive compared to other breeds of its class. And just like any other kinds of this unit it takes a few extra dollars in your pocket to install it to your vehicle and that would mean more cash prom the piggy bank. It is also a high maintenance unit, once you find any problems with you need to start uninstalling it again, get it fixed and pay more cash.

Setting aside the price this unit is surely a great buy for everyone. Just imagine how much comfort and pleasure you will enjoy if you have this installed on your own vehicle.

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