Kenwood DNX5120 Review

A complete entertainment inside your car is usually the best way to boost up your interior. There a lot of car gadgets in the market that comply your car interior requirement. If you are looking for a complete entertainment system with the full functional navigation device you can put Kenwood DNX5120 6.1-Inch-Wide Double-DIN In-Dash Navigation with USB/iPod Direct Control/DVD Receiver as one of your choices.

Kenwood DNX5120 is a full piece of Entertainment and Navigation system with USB Direct Control for iPods or other portable storing and music devices. It has a built-in Garmin navigation technology with maps of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada including over 6 million focal points. This all-in-one gadget also features a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen with a user-programmable start-up, two RCA 2V preamp outs for system expansion and variable-color illumination of the front panel controls.

The main advantage of this unit over similar units is that all data are not DVD or hard-disk-based, everything comes out as a flash memory. KENWOOD’s collaboration with Garmin creates a hand tight quality of navigation services. The user can stroll around anywhere in U.S.A including other countries with no worries of getting stuck up in the middle of nowhere. You can have a destination with voice prompts, arrows, and clear directions. If you leave from the original route, the navigation system reevaluates the routes and provides new route directions.

Basically this is a very good and useful unit.

Kenwood DNX5120 is designed well enough and functions accordingly to its purpose. Entertainment wise DNX5120 gives you sufficient entertainment options. You can play your favorite CDs and DVDs, along with several audio and video formats like Mp3 files, ACC-LC, WMA, MPEG1, MPEG2 and it displays JPEC images. You can put all your files in a USB device and start enjoying it with Kenwood DNX5120 through its portable hub.

The weak points of this unit are unfortunately very noticeable. It has a poor interface emitting decent but not great graphics. The onscreen menus are in a complete jumble, and the manual is seemingly very incomprehensible. It also has poor Bluetooth services, taking too much time to get it functioning. The slow booting of this unit is also a major issue. You already ran two to three blocks upon activation before it is fully booted up. If disconnected from the battery source all the settings are automatically lost which means you need to set it up all over again.

There are various units of this kind in the market it would be great if you had ran a research and evaluation on all of them so that you can pick the best gadget to suit your preference. You can now put Kenwood DNX5120 on your list for evaluation.

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