If you are on the look for a fully functional navigation and entertainment feature to be built in the head unit of your vehicle you may want to check out JVC KW-NT3HDT Mobile Entertainment Navigation Multimedia Receiver. A highly equipped navigation and entertainment operation system to give you maximum service and satisfaction when it comes to your navigation and entertainment needs.

The pros and cons


JVC KW-NT3HDT is navigation ready unit to help you work through roads wherever you are with over 6 million point of interest. The JVC KW-NT3HDT is also built to cater your entertainment demands by providing you a lot of room to play your music and video files.

On the navigation part, it has a fully functional HD radio tuner which does not only give you ample access to all HD radio station for music purposes it also provides a new service for navigation through total traffic network plus that gives you added rich contents such as weather reports, news, sports cores and more right on the screen of your head unit for free. A few of the navigation features of this unit are lane guidance to guide entering and exiting roads and freeways and a speed limit display to guide you on what speed you are allowed to go with your car. This is fully functional you can even keep up to points of interest for easy browsing.

This has also a high end entertainment device providing you entertainment and safety at the same time. It has a built in Bluetooth to allow you to stream music wirelessly with your iPhone, iPods and other music devices with high sound quality. You can also make a hands free call where you don’t to talk through your phone for a safer drive. You can dial and receive calls through the 6 inch LCD touch panel screen. For security features, it has a detachable faceplate that allows you to bring your device out of your car with you. The faceplate has a soft padded carrying case to prevent it from any damages with you bring it with you.


On the negative side, this is a big risk to handle. Undeniably it cost a lot of dollars and probably fixing it would cost a lot of dollars too.

Still the product itself proved a lot to be bought. If it suits your budget then there’s not a lot reasons for you not to buy JVC KW-NT3HDT for convenience and functionality.

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