JVC KW-AVX840 Review

We have always wanted a complete entertainment system in our vehicle complemented with a stable fully functional navigation application. This makes us more comfortable and enthusiastic with our driving activities. If you want to have these features built in on your car you might want to check JVC KW-AVX840. Fully functional 7 inch touch panel multimedia receiver with detachable LCD screen for comfort and security.

The pros and cons


One great thing about having JVC KW-AVX840 in your car is that it is already navigational ready. It is possible by connectingyour iPhone4. The whole navigation system is driven by the application in your IPhone which is MotionX GPS drive. Once connected all the map information from the phone will be transferred over to the 7 inch widescreen monitor then you get your turn by turn direction spoken to your car speaker. A great way to have an application added to your system without spending extra dollars on installing a navigation application. JVC KW-AVX840 has a built in Bluetooth that allows you to stream music in wirelessly. It also allows you to make hands free phone calls on without having to KW-AVX840 7″ talk on your cell phone while you are driving, this is more convenient and safe when you are driving.

This is has also a proximity sensor, when you wave your hand in front of the screen all the menus comes out automatically on the screen and it will just go away after a few moments until you need them and wave your hands again in front of the screen. Another good thing about this kind of Multimedia Receiver is that you can make it very personal by having your personal wall paper captured in the 7 inch wide LCD monitor. It also has a rear mounted USB port that allows you to connect your various iPhone and iPod devices for to play you videos and music anytime you want. A significant feature of this unit is its detachable face play so you can bring it with you while you’re gone.


There are few things that are lacking in JVC KW-AVX840 7″ Double-DIN Multimedia Receiver if you are looking for a fully functional navigation and entertainment system. First, if you do not have an iPhone4 then you’ll have a hard time having a decent navigation system because it is not installed in the device. The Bluetooth feature can only capture one device at a time which means dual functionality is absent. Lastly, the subwoofer output does not put a signal out.

More importantly the slickness of JVC KW-AVX840 7″ Double-DIN Multimedia Receivers worth the buy if you can afford the price.

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