JVC KW-AVX800 Review

JVC KW-AVX800 7-inch In-dash Multimedia System is a small dash multimedia player that is one of the nicest dash multimedia players in the market. It has a multiple features such as CD+MP3 Deck with additional functions of DVD Player with LCD, XM Satellite Radio,MP3 Player, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, AM/FM Radio tuner and CD Player, A/V USB, Antenna, iPod inputs, Bluetooth and the like.

The pros and cons


The device JVC KW-AVX800 is a perfect and awesome multimedia player that has many features that definitely satisfy the customers. It has too much to offer because of its tons features that pretty much play everything you wanted. It has USB reader that has a capacity to play divx and xvid so no need for any format conversions for movies downloaded from the internet. You can just simply place it to your USB, DVD or CD drive since the product can play 8 divx movies in one DVD unlike those multimedia players which are pretty choosy playing 8-in-1 DVDs.

Another thing that makes this dash multimedia player totally amazing is the background color which can possibly change to match the car’s color dash lights. In fact, it has optional twelve different colors to match it with your dash lights. Moving on, this device is pretty convenient to use because you can talk to your phone without touching the screen and it can automatically upload your phonebook and call registry. Its touch screen can do some alterations in the settings and you can possibly plug game systems in the car without having any problems.


These are some of the flaws for JVC KW-AVX800. For one, the iPod integration is not that excellent for the reason that instead of showing the all list items on the screen, it displays one item at a time. Hence, it’s not quite convenient especially when you’re driving. Also, It losses time sync with the latest generation iPods and the XM integration is another issue here because the XM presets usually disappear in the preset list.

On balance, the JVC KW-AVX800, JVC product still provides unique and convenient features that will captivate the customer’s preference. Despite some relevant flaws mentioned. It can actually help accessorizing high end cars. Indeed, a great companion for traveling a long road especially when you are alone.

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