Basic FAQs about Double Din Car Stereo

Question: Will a new car stereo play CD-RW or CD-R discs?

Answer: Nearly all double din car stereos can play finalized audio CD-RWs and CD-Rs. However, the songs are burned in a CD-R and CD-RW in numerous ways, there are times that players will have difficulty in reading CD-RW format. CD-RW is actually less reflective compared to CD-R, so it is hard for the laser to read them.

Question: Will a stereo receiver play a CD that is burned with mp3, wma or aac?

Answer: Audio files such as mp3, aac and wma are actually digital compressed data. You car stereo should have a decoder in order for them to be played. Nowadays, most CD receiver can play mp3 and wma audio format.

Question: Can I still listen to my music using my iPod or mp3 player?

Answer: Fortunately, you can! Nowadays, there are many receivers that have an integrated iPod controls. If you want to connection your mp3 player, there is a USB input located at the front or rear of the stereo receiver. You just need to hook up your iPod and you are good to go. This also lets you plug your USB thumb drives or any kind of USB storage devices that have songs. Some receivers have iPod adapter that adds up to the functionality.

Most receivers also provide auxiliary inputs. You can connection any kind of gadget into these receivers using a simple patch cord.  Take not that in “aux in” connection, you cannot control your iPod of any player from the receiver. However, it is a simple and quickest way to listen to your music while you are on the road.

Question: Can my factory speakers handle receivers that are high-powered?

Answer: You factory speakers can surely handle the output from a brand new receiver. However, there are some limitations with regards to the performance. Turn on your new receiver while your car is still sitting, take note of the volume level where your speakers start to distort, and don’t crank your radio up past that point.

The performance of your speakers is very important to listening enjoyment. Therefore, it is recommended that you acquire new speakers, so that you can fully take advantage of your brand new receiver.

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