Double Din Pioneer FH-P8000BT Receiver Review

Pioneer FH-P8000BT Review

Pioneer FH-P8000BT is the new sought-after item manufactured and made available in the market by Pioneer. With thorough innovations, the prominent company has come up with a new quality in-car product that makes driving more entertaining.  Pioneer FH-P8000BT is a double din car stereo that provides quality sound and offers a variety of unique features for an extraordinary driving experience.

This state of the art product is designed for all car enthusiasts who want to have an amazing car audio in order to listen to their favorite music while driving. It allows you to plug in your iPod and control it through the receiver. With its new built-in Bluetooth solution, your calls are more audible with the advanced echo cancellation. It has three levels of adjustment that offers clear and loud sound of phone calls. However, not all Bluetooth cellular phones are compatible.

Set up is very user friendly, you can easily do phone pairing by just tilting, turning and pushing the rotary commander in order to register and use the bluetooth compatible cellular phone.  After which, you can then transfer automatically the information and numbers from your phonebook to the head unit which can carry 3600 different numbers.

Another cool feature is the advanced sound retriever. It can restore the lost data from the compression process and boosts the audio performance up to 20 kHz frequencies. Therefore, providing you rich detail and outstanding clarity of music from all of your compressed MP3, WMA. And AAC files stored on your flash drive or iPod.

The passenger control mode enables you to use the iPod directly. You can easily browse and choose your much wanted music anytime while being connected to the unit for playback. It also has Alphabetical Speed Search feature that allows you to search your favorite artist or album by simply pressing the List button.

The USB direct control for iPod allows you to directly connect your iPod. With the speed and capability of USB 2.0, it provides you an amazing iPod experience while driving.

The FH-8000BT is thoroughly created to expand your wholes system with its high performance feature that provides superb sound quality and simple navigation.  More so, it has a built-in MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier that gives you superior sound quality with lesser sound distortion. Its Supertuner IIID feature offers you an excellent imaging with minimal noise for a smoother and stronger signal response.  Other features include Random or Shuffle key and 3 RCA Hi-volt preouts.

What are the pros and cons?

Pioneer FH-P8000BT Pros:

  • Superior sound quality
  • iPod integration works really great
  • Very easy to install

Pioneer FH-P8000BT Cons:

  • Does not support 6.0 and 6.5 windows mobile
  • The user interface is a bit hard to operate

If you are ready to upgrade your car audio, Pioneer FH-P8000BT is an excellent choice. It is very cost- effective and it is highly recommended to those people who are looking for iPod and Bluetooth capabilities. You may purchase it online; just feel free to visit or other reliable sites for more product information.

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