JVC KW-XR810 Review

The JVC KW-XR810 Double-DIN Bluetooth Dual USB/CD Receiver has many forms of connectivity with its USB 2.0 for iPod/iPhone, and Bluetooth/Satellite/HD Radio add-on capability that allows more enjoyment and satisfaction in media entertainment. It is packed with all-new features and capabilities that will surely capture your need to go for all-in-one device.

This product can be a Double DIN AM/FM radio, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/MWA/WAV receiver that has an integrated Bluetooth feature. Its Bluetooth technology renders a hand-held gadget for audio or audio streaming utilizing your cell phone. It has 4 x 50 watts MOSFET amplifier which contains 3 sets of 2.5V preamp outputs in the front, subwoofer and rear portion.

Separated Variable Color

JVC KW-XR810 features full-color DOT display with dimmer and Separated Variable Color feature that will allow you to customize and match your car’s interior motif according to your taste. Separated Variable Color will enable you to utilize two distinct colors among the 30, 000 available sets of collection establish your own color configuration.

Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology

With sense of responsibility as a driver you need to ensure you drive safely and this includes minimizing direct hand manipulation of devices. With the Bluetooth technology, you will enjoy wide coverage of controls and settings to bring about clarity in communication. This is even embedded with iPhone features to automatically connect your phonebook with out the need to transfer.

CD and MP3/WMA/WAV Playback

Play your most wanted CDs or burnt CD-Rs to enjoy your favorite music. Not only that, you can playback MP3/WMA/ files in the CDs that will let you spend hours of listening while tracking down currently played song with its ID3 tag display of artist and other pertinent info. You may have option of connecting USB device to the port if you run out of CDs.

USB Audio and Video for iPod/iPhone

When you have iPod or iPhone, then you can connect it via USB cable that will still deliver vivid quality of digital sound. When this device is currently in us, this will also charge its power. With this item’s 2 USB ports, you can connect two separate iPods and USB device at the same time.

HD/SAT Radio Ready

In addition, you may have some selections for entertainment settings in your vehicle such as HD or satellite radio solution to maximize use of XM/SIRIUS programming and even HD features such as multicasting and iTunes tagging.

Here’s a tip: Try comparing this unit with other models or brands. You should start with Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD.

What are the Pros and Cons?

JVC KW-XR810 Pros:

  • Very easy, intuitive navigation, especially for all the features
  • Color matched my dash lights VERY well
  • Great internal equalizer provides 3 different adjustments
  • Strong internal amp is certainly not “over-rated” at 20 watts
  • Adjustable input volume for each input source(Aux, USB, CD, etc)
  • Clean, great sound
  • Attractive, without being flashy

JVC KW-XR810 Cons:

  • Didn’t recognize my Sansa Clip MP3 player
  • File names and folders still limited to 25 characters

With the above mentioned remarkable features by JVC KW-XR810, you will ensure a wise buy as you get to purchase this product. You may also conduct online research of product descriptions in some trusted sites such as the Amazon.

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