Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 Review

According to one research, Clarion is renowned for having the highest customer satisfaction for 6CD radios in new vehicle’s sold in the U.S. for 3 years respectively. Since 1994, they are one of international leaders in mobile electronics which carry out research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of vehicles entertainment. If you’re looking for an all-around double-DIN receiver in a much lower price, consider purchasing a Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 – 2-DIN CD/Bluetooth/USB Receiver in the

Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 offers 6 channels of preamp outputs for system expansion. The product is Sirius and HD radio ready, with built-in Bluetooth, CD and WMA/MP3 playback, and USB connectivity with iPod direct control.

The pros and cons


An all-around double-DIN receiver which has direct connection with Sirius Satellite Radio tuner without any adapters to plug, you can take pleasure having a quality genre-specific programming for music, talk, news and traffic. Likewise, with Clarion HD radio receiver you can expand your radio anytime. The sound quality is exceptional along with the bass and radio reception is quiet good as well. It has customized display colors and Bluetooth is integrated in a much convenient way. Furthermore, it has a faster ability to read USB MP3 files and can remember song track position where it is left even when you turned it off or removed the USB stick. Hence, great aspect for throwing audio book on USB stick especially when you’re traveling a long road. Incoming calls works amazing since it mutes directly the radio during the call.


In terms of iPod connection, it’s one of Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501’s weaknesses since you whenever you want to select another song you need to go back to its main menu which in fact very hassle to do especially when you’re driving. On the other hand, there are times that it allows to select another song in the playlist without going back to the menu. Installation is kind of an issue here as well in some vehicle unit however, in some CX501 is a hassle-free to be installed. It’s something to do with the vehicle unit and not the product itself.

Overall the Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 features made it an unbelievable partner on the go for those who love accessorizing their own car in a very friendly price to purchase.

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