KENWOOD DNX9960 Review

Motoring enthusiasts are always on the look for the newest most convenient and effective interior add-ons to their own vehicles. When searching for an all in one navigation/entertainment and security gadget for cars what people usually consider is the GPS Navigation System, Voice recognition, Extensive mobile phones and iPhone interactivity for hands free processes, Steering wheel remote compatibility and an all in one entertainment system.

Kenwood came up with a better partner for your driving and entertainment demands. The new KENWOOD DNX9960 eXcelon In-Dash 2-DIN AV Navigation System w/ Built-in Bluetooth 6.95″ has In-dash Navigation Receiver with DVD, CD, MP3, WMA player. The navigation system is above the sails for it has collaborated with Garmin Company that offers 3D views of buildings and maps, and it has the NAVTEQ traffic receiver to help you find perfect routes to avoid traffic jams.

KENWOOD DNX9960 also has iPod and iPhone USB direct connectivity with the optional Kenwood iPod connection cable. This will allow you to control your iPhone through the receiver and stereo system. It has a 6.95 Touchscreen LCD that has operational screen viewing modes in normal, full, justify or zoom along with a VGA screen that makes your viewing experience a whole lot better.

Users of KENWOOD DNX9960 found the gadget great and ready going the Garmin navigation system is on top of its kind awesome and very useful. There are no problems with the audio features for it has a crystal clear voice application and voice recognition feature. Hands free features are also optimal, very clear on both ends during calls and playbacks. The monitor is excellently designed, very crisp, and visually appealing complimented with its easy to use interface.

KENWOOD DNX9960 gained too many good reviews on its systems, basically on the whole package except for its few weak points. All though almost every aspect of it is working great people are having a bit hard time inserting maps to its GPS. It also has a slow boot process it takes few extra seconds before it boots up and there is a bit of lag upon using the top menu. The slow boot time almost cancel the usefulness of its optional reverse camera because by the time it appears on the screen the car has already traversed few yards. Others also say that they find it hard to search songs on the external hard drive because of its inferior processor speed. Though this are few minor glitch in the system still they are important in it’s over all application.

These are few things that you need to consider before you decide to purchase a certain item. There have been a lot of changes applied in this new KENWOOD DNX9960 compared to the previous model. Whether it is a great buy or not, it still depends on your preference.

Kenwood DNX5120 Review

A complete entertainment inside your car is usually the best way to boost up your interior. There a lot of car gadgets in the market that comply your car interior requirement. If you are looking for a complete entertainment system with the full functional navigation device you can put Kenwood DNX5120 6.1-Inch-Wide Double-DIN In-Dash Navigation with USB/iPod Direct Control/DVD Receiver as one of your choices.

Kenwood DNX5120 is a full piece of Entertainment and Navigation system with USB Direct Control for iPods or other portable storing and music devices. It has a built-in Garmin navigation technology with maps of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada including over 6 million focal points. This all-in-one gadget also features a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen with a user-programmable start-up, two RCA 2V preamp outs for system expansion and variable-color illumination of the front panel controls.

The main advantage of this unit over similar units is that all data are not DVD or hard-disk-based, everything comes out as a flash memory. KENWOOD’s collaboration with Garmin creates a hand tight quality of navigation services. The user can stroll around anywhere in U.S.A including other countries with no worries of getting stuck up in the middle of nowhere. You can have a destination with voice prompts, arrows, and clear directions. If you leave from the original route, the navigation system reevaluates the routes and provides new route directions.

Basically this is a very good and useful unit.

Kenwood DNX5120 is designed well enough and functions accordingly to its purpose. Entertainment wise DNX5120 gives you sufficient entertainment options. You can play your favorite CDs and DVDs, along with several audio and video formats like Mp3 files, ACC-LC, WMA, MPEG1, MPEG2 and it displays JPEC images. You can put all your files in a USB device and start enjoying it with Kenwood DNX5120 through its portable hub.

The weak points of this unit are unfortunately very noticeable. It has a poor interface emitting decent but not great graphics. The onscreen menus are in a complete jumble, and the manual is seemingly very incomprehensible. It also has poor Bluetooth services, taking too much time to get it functioning. The slow booting of this unit is also a major issue. You already ran two to three blocks upon activation before it is fully booted up. If disconnected from the battery source all the settings are automatically lost which means you need to set it up all over again.

There are various units of this kind in the market it would be great if you had ran a research and evaluation on all of them so that you can pick the best gadget to suit your preference. You can now put Kenwood DNX5120 on your list for evaluation.

Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 Review

A decent entertainment system plus an efficient and commendable navigation technology can be a good boost of to your car. Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 is a combination of navigation and entertainment systems put in one unit to supply you with commendable navigation and entertainment system. Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 has a full-featured navigation technology from Garmin with an excellent 6.1-inch touchscreen monitor to support for a variety of media. This Kenwood DNX6960 will keep you on track making you well-entertained.

On the bright side, Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 is perfect for your car when you want a full and effective navigation system. The unit is installed with a first class navigational technology from the world’s top navigation provider company named Garmin.

Accurate maps of different places all over the world are included in Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 set of navigational maps including over 6 million points of interest like the full map of U.S.A and other countries. In addition, it has a built-in NAVTEQ traffic data that provides real-time traffic data for over 80 major cities in North America. This would mean that you can work your way out of traffic easily. If a congested area is ahead on your route, the navigation system will immediately re-navigate the route to get you to your destination as soon as possible. You can easily drive through towns of different countries with ease and guidance.

This unit is also armed with full entertainment features that allow you to play music and videos in your car without having any troubles adjusting or converting your files to suit your player. If you prefer AM/FM radio, this unit still suits your demand for entertainment. You can also put all your files in your USB devices like flash drives and mp3, mp4, iPods and iPhones with its USB portable hub.

It is very noticeable that there is a glitch in its media synchronization, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to switch forward or backward between songs, or to choose the songs from the list menu. What happens is when you switch songs the unit freezes for the 10 seconds or less and then resumes again. This is a deducting actor on its entertainment features.

This unit is most likely not ahead of its pact, because obviously there are better and more sophisticated breeds of like this in the market. When allowing an expert to rate this product in terms of comparison this might just fall on the 4th of 5th slot. Among the breeds of Kenwood in dash navigational products the map packs of this unit is a little outdated of about 2 to 3 years. You can settle on other units if you prefer the latest map packs for a more accurate navigational system.

Considering the price to pay for this product, it would still be a good deal if you decide to get Kenwood Excelon DNX6960. The price is not to high and it’s decent enough to provide you with your car navigation and entertainment demands.

Kenwood DNX6140 Review

Always wanting to grab a handy and efficient interior add-on feature to your vehicle? Kenwood DNX6140 6.1-Inch Wide Double-DIN In-Dash Navigation with Built-in Bluetooth USB/iPod Direct Control/DVD Receiver might just be the unit you are looking for. Built to provide you and your car with a full operational navigation system and a complete entertainment features. This is surely a great innovation to help you enjoy and exploit your daily driving escapades.

Kenwood DNX6140 gives you a bunch of useful and convenient features to go together with your vehicle. Integrated with navigation system guides you in all places with ease on a 6.1” monitor screen. Kenwood DNX6140’s navigation system functions are instinctively easy to operate, controlled by touchscreen menus and voice guidance works over the vehicle’s speaker system. With Garmin on hand, you are sure that your navigation needs are catered accordingly and accurately. There is no need to switch and insert map discs of different places since it comes with a built-in full-memory Garmin Navigation board that features maps of so many countries in the likes of Canada, USA, Alaska and Hawaii.

The DNX6140 is with a built-in Bluetooth that is a great all around solution for audio, video and navigation demands. The built-in Bluetooth hands-free system of Kenwood DNX6140 enables easy, quick, and safe cellular phone transactions inside the car. You can drive and talk at the same time without worrying of crashing on the road. Kenwood DNX6140 is also equipped with efficient multimedia receivers that connect flawlessly with mostiPods and the new iPhone 3G featuring audio video playback via a KCA-iP301V USB Direct Cable. Kenwood DNX6140 multimedia services offer better quality by including a Sirius SSP interface. Which means with Sirius SC-C1C tuner or a SC-VDOC1 car dock cradle you can play comfortably browse and listen to any AM/FM stations for your music craves.

Kenwood DNX6140 is seamlessly perfect for your navigation/entertainment needs but the price you need to pay is a must considered factor before you decide on purchasing it. Kenwood DNX6140 is a little more expensive compared to other breeds of its class. And just like any other kinds of this unit it takes a few extra dollars in your pocket to install it to your vehicle and that would mean more cash prom the piggy bank. It is also a high maintenance unit, once you find any problems with you need to start uninstalling it again, get it fixed and pay more cash.

Setting aside the price this unit is surely a great buy for everyone. Just imagine how much comfort and pleasure you will enjoy if you have this installed on your own vehicle.

JVC KW-AVX840 Review

We have always wanted a complete entertainment system in our vehicle complemented with a stable fully functional navigation application. This makes us more comfortable and enthusiastic with our driving activities. If you want to have these features built in on your car you might want to check JVC KW-AVX840. Fully functional 7 inch touch panel multimedia receiver with detachable LCD screen for comfort and security.

The pros and cons


One great thing about having JVC KW-AVX840 in your car is that it is already navigational ready. It is possible by connectingyour iPhone4. The whole navigation system is driven by the application in your IPhone which is MotionX GPS drive. Once connected all the map information from the phone will be transferred over to the 7 inch widescreen monitor then you get your turn by turn direction spoken to your car speaker. A great way to have an application added to your system without spending extra dollars on installing a navigation application. JVC KW-AVX840 has a built in Bluetooth that allows you to stream music in wirelessly. It also allows you to make hands free phone calls on without having to KW-AVX840 7″ talk on your cell phone while you are driving, this is more convenient and safe when you are driving.

This is has also a proximity sensor, when you wave your hand in front of the screen all the menus comes out automatically on the screen and it will just go away after a few moments until you need them and wave your hands again in front of the screen. Another good thing about this kind of Multimedia Receiver is that you can make it very personal by having your personal wall paper captured in the 7 inch wide LCD monitor. It also has a rear mounted USB port that allows you to connect your various iPhone and iPod devices for to play you videos and music anytime you want. A significant feature of this unit is its detachable face play so you can bring it with you while you’re gone.


There are few things that are lacking in JVC KW-AVX840 7″ Double-DIN Multimedia Receiver if you are looking for a fully functional navigation and entertainment system. First, if you do not have an iPhone4 then you’ll have a hard time having a decent navigation system because it is not installed in the device. The Bluetooth feature can only capture one device at a time which means dual functionality is absent. Lastly, the subwoofer output does not put a signal out.

More importantly the slickness of JVC KW-AVX840 7″ Double-DIN Multimedia Receivers worth the buy if you can afford the price.


If you are on the look for a fully functional navigation and entertainment feature to be built in the head unit of your vehicle you may want to check out JVC KW-NT3HDT Mobile Entertainment Navigation Multimedia Receiver. A highly equipped navigation and entertainment operation system to give you maximum service and satisfaction when it comes to your navigation and entertainment needs.

The pros and cons


JVC KW-NT3HDT is navigation ready unit to help you work through roads wherever you are with over 6 million point of interest. The JVC KW-NT3HDT is also built to cater your entertainment demands by providing you a lot of room to play your music and video files.

On the navigation part, it has a fully functional HD radio tuner which does not only give you ample access to all HD radio station for music purposes it also provides a new service for navigation through total traffic network plus that gives you added rich contents such as weather reports, news, sports cores and more right on the screen of your head unit for free. A few of the navigation features of this unit are lane guidance to guide entering and exiting roads and freeways and a speed limit display to guide you on what speed you are allowed to go with your car. This is fully functional you can even keep up to points of interest for easy browsing.

This has also a high end entertainment device providing you entertainment and safety at the same time. It has a built in Bluetooth to allow you to stream music wirelessly with your iPhone, iPods and other music devices with high sound quality. You can also make a hands free call where you don’t to talk through your phone for a safer drive. You can dial and receive calls through the 6 inch LCD touch panel screen. For security features, it has a detachable faceplate that allows you to bring your device out of your car with you. The faceplate has a soft padded carrying case to prevent it from any damages with you bring it with you.


On the negative side, this is a big risk to handle. Undeniably it cost a lot of dollars and probably fixing it would cost a lot of dollars too.

Still the product itself proved a lot to be bought. If it suits your budget then there’s not a lot reasons for you not to buy JVC KW-NT3HDT for convenience and functionality.

JVC KW-NT1 Review

A vehicle is way better driven if you have a decent entertainment system built in the exterior of your car. How much more if you have it doubled by putting a fully functional navigation system to guide you through roads and freeways on a different location. The good news is that you can actually have both in one unit device and one of these is the JVC KW-NT1 Double-DIN Navigation with 6.4-Inch Widescreen Receiver with Detachable Touch-Panel Monitor, DVD/CD/USB/SD Card, iPod/iPhone/USB 2.0/Bluetooth. This multimedia receiver gadget is equipped with fully functional entertainment and navigation features.


JVC KW-NT1 is a phenomenal gadget in the market that is very fast and responsive. The device has a built in GPS navigation system provided by NAVTECH that allows you to browse n over 12 million points of interest including maps of United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other countries. JVC KW-NT1 has a voice guidance to give you clear and accurate information about where you are going to.

The entertainment package of this unit is also very convenient and fast, it allows you to play all your video and music files with the built in DVD\CD player. It also features a front USB port so that you can put it all your files from your storage devices like USB, MP3 players, iPhones and iPods. The unit is also very impressive because it has a quick response capability that means you would not have any problems loading and playing your files. The 6.4 inch vibrant LCD display screen gives you a high quality view on the monitor. This has also a Bluetooth ready to allow you to dial and receive calls through its touchscreen monitor. This is way more convenient because you can make and receive hands free calls that mean safer driving for you. The detachable LCD screen gives you more security feature because you can bring the screen with you when you go out of your car to prevent theft.


There are a few negative issues about this product, like you can’t a real time traffic GPS feature which is very important if you are travelling in busy streets, there is a low brightness in DVD playbacks during sunny days, and the Bluetooth phonebook transfer is not applicable with iPhones.

If you are looking for a sophisticated navigation/entertainment unit to your car probably JVC KW-NT1 is what you are looking for.

Lanzar SDN72UBD Review

If you’re looking for a cheaper yet high technology DVD touch screen receiver, consider purchasing a Lanzar SDN72UBD. It has built-in Bluetooth, 7 inch touchscreen, a variety of supported file types and formats, with USB/SD connectivity and booming 320 watts power. This incredible gadget can be purchase in the internet with great discount pricing as well as special offers to look forward to.

Lanzar SDN72UBD can be purchased online including free shipment. Not all shopping online websites offer 60% off for this unbelievable and incredible gadget a lot of online shop does like It is a website that offers friendly offers and discount to all valued consumers and shoppers.

The pros and cons


Talking about the features of this product, you can enjoy hands-free phone calls since it has built-in Bluetooth. It has a wider touch screen display and a detachable motorized front panel with 800×480 pixel resolution, a great experience for watching videos. Also, this type of receiver can play back various media formats (DVD, CD, VCD and CD-R/RW) and has anti-shock system that prevents skipping while travelling on the road. On the other hand, a number of consumers prefer playing MP3s for listening music for hours, thanks to SDN72UBD for having USB port and SD/MMC card slot. Even DivX video is supported, so it’s like winning in a lottery since you get to have one product item with multipurpose features. If you wish to listen to your favorite radio programming, Lanzar SDN72UBD has a PLL synthesizer tuner. With18 FM and 12 AM station preset used for favorite stations storage. Nonetheless, it conveys a maximum 320 watts of power and 4x 80 watts in minimum, whereas expanding the system with the use of RCA preamp and subwoofer outputs. Lastly, if you’re a gamer type of person, this high technology touch screen receiver also has A/V connections for video game system and camera connections for video camera external device. A wireless remote control is included as well in the package, indeed, an all-in-one technology for all.


There are some people who reacted much on the price. Some can afford and come are not.

For more details and other queries you may, they offer a lot of Lanzar SDN72UBD items that will best suit your taste. Isn’t it great? Try visiting the site, do online shopping and enjoy an exciting way to get in touch with your favorite gadgets.

JVC KW-XG500 Review

If you’re looking for a brand new stereo for your car, here comes JVC’s new launched technology KW-XG500 Double DIN In-Dash CD Receiver with Front AUX Input J-Bus Expandabl, a great replacement for your stock double-DIN unit. You would want it mainly because of its amazing features. If you’re budget restricted yet eager to have this product, try purchasing it on the internet since some websites offer lower discounts.

Product features include: AM/FM radio, CD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA receiver, 4×50 watts maximum power with two pre-amp outputs, Dot-matrix multi-color display with contrast control, with auxiliary input, JVC adaptors for iPod direct control and SAT radio. You can purchase this product at a very affordable price with one-year limited warranty.

The pros and cons


JVC KW-XG500 audio amplifier specifies load impedance from 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms, frequency response of 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz, line-out level/impedance of 2.5 V/20 kOhms load in full scale, output impedance of 1 kOhms, tone control range: Bass of +/-12 dB at 60 Hz, mid-range of +/- 12dB at 1 kHz and treble of +/- 12 dB at 10 kHz. Moreover, the product item also has Compact disc player, CD changer, steering wheel remote input, subwoofer input and auxiliary input jack. It also provides a non-contact optical pickup as its signal detection system with 2 channels stereo and it also allows MP3 decoding format specifically MPEG/2 audio layer 3 with bit rate of 320 kbps and signal to noise ratio of 98 dB. Moving along with frequency range, FM section has 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz through 100 kHz or 200 kHz channel interval set and 87.5 MHz to 108.0MHz channel interval set of 50 kHz. On the other hand, Am section has 530 kHz to 1, 710 kHz with channel interval set of 10 kHz and 531 kHz to 1, 602 kHz with channel interval set of 9 kHz. For more detailed information of KW-XG500, you can visit different websites on the internet.


Make sure that you are in the city to capture good signals. If not, you will be horrified. There will be no channels for you to listen to music using the AM/FM radio.

Just imagine putting JVC KW-XG500 in your car, a very cool stuff to accessorize your automobile. Indeed, a very excellent partner while travelling on the road especially when you’re all by yourself.

Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 Review

According to one research, Clarion is renowned for having the highest customer satisfaction for 6CD radios in new vehicle’s sold in the U.S. for 3 years respectively. Since 1994, they are one of international leaders in mobile electronics which carry out research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of vehicles entertainment. If you’re looking for an all-around double-DIN receiver in a much lower price, consider purchasing a Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 – 2-DIN CD/Bluetooth/USB Receiver in the

Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 offers 6 channels of preamp outputs for system expansion. The product is Sirius and HD radio ready, with built-in Bluetooth, CD and WMA/MP3 playback, and USB connectivity with iPod direct control.

The pros and cons


An all-around double-DIN receiver which has direct connection with Sirius Satellite Radio tuner without any adapters to plug, you can take pleasure having a quality genre-specific programming for music, talk, news and traffic. Likewise, with Clarion HD radio receiver you can expand your radio anytime. The sound quality is exceptional along with the bass and radio reception is quiet good as well. It has customized display colors and Bluetooth is integrated in a much convenient way. Furthermore, it has a faster ability to read USB MP3 files and can remember song track position where it is left even when you turned it off or removed the USB stick. Hence, great aspect for throwing audio book on USB stick especially when you’re traveling a long road. Incoming calls works amazing since it mutes directly the radio during the call.


In terms of iPod connection, it’s one of Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501’s weaknesses since you whenever you want to select another song you need to go back to its main menu which in fact very hassle to do especially when you’re driving. On the other hand, there are times that it allows to select another song in the playlist without going back to the menu. Installation is kind of an issue here as well in some vehicle unit however, in some CX501 is a hassle-free to be installed. It’s something to do with the vehicle unit and not the product itself.

Overall the Clarion Mobile Electronics CX501 features made it an unbelievable partner on the go for those who love accessorizing their own car in a very friendly price to purchase.