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Boss BV9560B Ratings

The Boss BV9560B is the new model of audio car system from Boss. Loaded with advanced and brilliant features, it gives you nothing but the best entertainment you will surely relish. It measures 7.1 x 4.2 x 6.8 inches and has a weight of only 6.6 pounds. It is also very user-friendly so you can easily operate it without dealing with technical glitches.

The Boss BV9560B is ideal for all car aficionados, especially those who constantly go for long-distanced trip. It adds extraordinary entertainment which makes driving less tiresome. With this audio system, you can enjoy listening to a variety of music from your DVDs, CDs, VCDs, and SVCDs as it is equipped with an easy to use DVD player. You can even play your favorite song from your USB or SD card. All you have to do is to inset your flash drive or the SD card on the integrated slot. It can support a number of audio format including mp3, mp4, and WMA as well.

Now let’s take a look at some of its remarkable features below.

Sophisticated Touchscreen. Boss BV9560B features a nice-looking, 7-inch touchscreen. With 1440 x 324p resolution, you can now be able to watch videos more clearly with superb contrast.

AM/FM Radio. Apart from the DVD player, this double-DIN system also includes AM/FM radio with PLL synthesized tuner. So if you are tired listening to your old songs from your CD or DVD, you may use this feature so you can easily access your most wanted stations with a total of 30 presets.

Bluetooth-capable. Another great feature is the built-in Bluetooth which enables you to make or receive hands-free calls. Hence, you can entertain calls and drive at the same time. But if your phone has a voice dialing feature, you may also use a small microphone which is usually connected to it so you can easily access it.

Multiple Connectivity. BV9560B has plenty of connectivity to offer. You may hook other external audio gadgets including iPods or mp3 player through the use of its auxiliary input. With its A/V input, you can now also connect other external video components just like gaming systems.

It also includes a wireless remote control so you can control it more quickly and conveniently. What most people like about this audio car system is that it is upgradeable. You may expand this system anytime you want as it is equipped with dual RCA preamp outputs. You may also get a rear view camera and install it on your card to guarantee your safety in driving. It also includes USB cable, user’s manual, installation hardware and a warranty card.

Pros and Cons of Boss BV9560B


It is very cost-effective so you can save money
The built-in Bluetooth works really great


It only support up to 2GB memory stick.
Great deal from Amazon. (270 USD) with Amazon prime shipping. A lot cheaper compared with the other expensive ones in this tough economy.

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