JVC KW-AVX800 Review

JVC KW-AVX800 7-inch In-dash Multimedia System is a small dash multimedia player that is one of the nicest dash multimedia players in the market. It has a multiple features such as CD+MP3 Deck with additional functions of DVD Player with LCD, XM Satellite Radio,MP3 Player, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, AM/FM Radio tuner and CD Player, A/V USB, Antenna, iPod inputs, Bluetooth and the like.

The pros and cons


The device JVC KW-AVX800 is a perfect and awesome multimedia player that has many features that definitely satisfy the customers. It has too much to offer because of its tons features that pretty much play everything you wanted. It has USB reader that has a capacity to play divx and xvid so no need for any format conversions for movies downloaded from the internet. You can just simply place it to your USB, DVD or CD drive since the product can play 8 divx movies in one DVD unlike those multimedia players which are pretty choosy playing 8-in-1 DVDs.

Another thing that makes this dash multimedia player totally amazing is the background color which can possibly change to match the car’s color dash lights. In fact, it has optional twelve different colors to match it with your dash lights. Moving on, this device is pretty convenient to use because you can talk to your phone without touching the screen and it can automatically upload your phonebook and call registry. Its touch screen can do some alterations in the settings and you can possibly plug game systems in the car without having any problems.


These are some of the flaws for JVC KW-AVX800. For one, the iPod integration is not that excellent for the reason that instead of showing the all list items on the screen, it displays one item at a time. Hence, it’s not quite convenient especially when you’re driving. Also, It losses time sync with the latest generation iPods and the XM integration is another issue here because the XM presets usually disappear in the preset list.

On balance, the JVC KW-AVX800, JVC product still provides unique and convenient features that will captivate the customer’s preference. Despite some relevant flaws mentioned. It can actually help accessorizing high end cars. Indeed, a great companion for traveling a long road especially when you are alone.

JVC KW-NX7000 Review

Pumping up the interior of a vehicle is better if you have an excellent multimedia entertainment system to go with a reliable navigation services. The JVC KW-NX7000 Double Din Navigation with 7″ Wide Touch Panel Monitor w/ DVD/CD/USB/SD Media Card & 2.0 Direct Receiver is one recommended unit you can put in your vehicle. Equipped with a full functional entertainment features and a sufficient navigational system. This unit might just be the one you need to boost up the efficiency and comfort of your vehicle.


JVC KW-NX7000 is a win buy because of its useful and up to date amenities. This sophisticated unit is equipped in a 7 inch LCD touch screen display that has an adjustable display angle and brightness so that you can see the display clearly on your dashboard and it has a customizable appearance by selecting from 4 background designs and 12 colors.

It plays DVD movies and and MPEG video files plus you can connect a rear view camera. IF its navigation features you are looking for this unit does it very well. This has a built in GPS navigation with over 12 million point of interest including the maps of Canada, United States, Alaska and more so you would not have any problem finding any important destinations. You will get your turn to turn directions spoken right in the stereo speaker of your car. It also provides lane guidance so you won’t get caught up on the wrong lane upon exiting and entering freeways. And the speed limit signs that will show you the current speed limit on the road you are on.

The unit is also Bluetooth ready so you can make and receive phone calls straight to the head unit. Hands free calls will make you safer when you drive for it will keep you focused on the road even while talking over the phone. When it comes to listening to your tunes the JVC KW-NX7000 Double Din Navigation with 7″ Wide Touch Panel Monitor w/ DVD/CD/USB/SD Media Card & 2.0 Direct Receiver will take care of you. Just plug your iPod directly into the USB input and then operate it with the touchscreen controls.


The JVC KW-NX7000 is truly a gadget to deal with. But with its rich full entertainment and navigation feature it will take a lot of cash in your pocket. If you are on a strictly low budget you might consider finding other devices of this like which is more practical and affordable.

The JVC KW-NX7000 unit is gadget to check out especially if you are running on a high budget.

JVC KW-AVX710 Review

In a world where transportation is very significant in our daily based activities it would be great to have comfort and joy while you are driving your vehicle. The best way to boost up your vehicle would probably be by adding an excellent entertainment system in the interior of your car to go together with the performance of your drive. JVC KW-AVX710 7-Inch In-Dash Double-DIN CD/DVD/MP3/iPod Bluetooth-Ready Touch screen Receiver is a popular choice in the market when it comes to your vehicle interior add on. This device is designed to provide its buyers a good taste of full functional entertainment head unit in the inside of their car.


What is great about JVC KW-AVX710 is that it has a lot to offer. It is a fully functional multimedia receiver ready to play various types of video and music files. You can enjoy watching various video files like in DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW formats. The device can also play your favorite WMA/MP3/WAV audio files, or take in JPEG images from your disc or any storage devices. You can put all your files in a mass storage device then plug and access it easily through the head unit. The unit is also capable of connecting, controlling and even charging your iPod and iPhone devices straight to the head unit with optional KS-U30 Cable.

This device is also Bluetooth ready that means you can make and receive hands free calls for a safer drive. The unit is also capable of voice recognition you can then dial your contacts by just saying the name on your phonebook. You can also stream music from any compatible digital audio players straight from your car stereo. Its stylish frame design with smooth and streamlined faceplate will perfectly blend to your car interior. It comes with a wireless remote control for more easy and convenient head unit operation.


The flip side of JVC KW-AVX710 is that it is that it lacks a much sought navigation system. It would be better if your head unit will also have a reliable navigation system that will complement your entertainment demands.

Speaking like a concerned customer choosing a unit that is not sufficient enough to provide you with things and services that is important during your drive is like spending money with no assurance. Although JVC KW-AVX710 is great for your entertainment needs, it still requires a lot of thinking process before you even decide to purchase this product.

JVC KW-XG700 Review

Picking up the right devices for the interior of your car is very significant in boosting up the performance and functionality of your vehicle. Checking out new released interior gadgets will come in handy with the help of the internet but determining the best gadgets there are may come a bit of a problem. If you are looking for a decent entertainment system in your vehicle you might want to check JVC KW-XG700 Double DIN In-Dash CD Receiver with Front AUX Input and USB Port J-Bus Expandable (Black) to be a part of your choice list. Here you can have a total of entertainment features that might just be enough of what you need.


At a pretty affordable price, JVC KW-XG700 is well equipped to provide you and your car a good upgrade. It is built with a CD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA receiver making it possible for you to play all kinds of music files there is. It is also equipped with an AM/FM radio tuner to provide you with your radio demands. You can even have a full control of your iPod in your head unit with the optional KS-PD100 adapter. Bu connecting your iPod with the unit you can easily browse and play music from your iPod through the JVC KW-XG700. The device is also featuring an auxiliary output where you can connect your external audio devices like mp3 players or any of your USB mass storage devices.

The unit also comes with a wireless connected remote controller so that you can control all the receiver functions without having a hard time locating and pushing the buttons on the actual head unit. The Double- DIN chassis design is slick enough to integrate with the appearance of your interior definitely an added beauty to the interior of your car.


The JVC KW-XG700 is good enough to provide you with a decent music entertainment system. But if you are looking for complete audio and visual entertainment functionality this unit would serve the purpose. There are also a few deficiency report about the products like, it does not have a strong signal gathering AM/FM stations making it defeat the radio tuner feature.

Again if you are good and contended having a decent stereo type entertainment system in your car this unit is okay enough to provide you your demands.

Double Din DVD Player A Brief Review

Double Din DVD Player – A Must Have Car Accessory

Double Din DVD player is one of the must-have car accessories in today’s generation. This device is quite useful during long trips as it provides ultimate music entertainment you will surely enjoy with your family or pals while on the road. It allows you to play and enjoy songs saved on both CD-R and CD-RW. It is also very versatile as it reads a number of audio file formats.
If you are a constant land traveler, having a double din dvd player installed on your car is quite beneficial. It helps you relax by providing you superior sound quality which can also be enjoyed by other passengers, be it your family or cronies. With this state-of-the-art device, you can easily boost your mood which makes driving less distressing.

Setting it up on your car is not that complicated. It is just like a Do-It-Yourself job so there is no need to call for help unless you really don’t have any idea on what you are doing. Double din dvd player is far better than the single din player due to several reasons. One obvious reason is that it has a much bigger dimension. It is also packed with more advanced features and utilities to relish depending on the brand and model. Basically, double din is just an upgraded version of single din. The earlier version is seen in most old cars while the up-to-date one is used by most car enthusiasts.

If you want to know some examples of double din dvd players, here they are:

  1. Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
  2. Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD
  3. Pioneer AVH-P3200 DVD
  4. Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD

Oftentimes, double din car stereo is purchased as a replacement to the factory stereo system. It is usually comes with wider touch screen display for a much convenient navigation. Most high range models are loaded with digital features which are great for those technically savvy people. Some of these include the Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to receive and make hands-free calls while driving, iPod and iPhone compatibility that lets you enjoy the latest music from your iPod and iPhone gadgets, and GPS technology that gives you the easiest route so you can arrive to your most wanted destinations.

Double din car stereos are widely available in the market as well as in some online stores. But if you want to save more money, it is highly recommended to place your order online. Most car aficionados run to the internet as it offers more affordable items than big shopping malls. Online shopping is more reasonable because you can purchase less expensive device. So if you want to buy a double din dvd player, better get it online. You may visit Amazon.com and browse some of their available products. Prior to placing your order, try to read some of their customer reviews as these will help you choose the best car stereo for your car.

For more information, check out the Alpine double din review here.

Why Choose Alpine Double Din

Here are some reasons why you should choose Alpine double din

Alpine is one of the leaders in the automotive industry. It produces top-of-the-line in-car audio products that cater everyone’s needs. With their flourishing innovations, developments and superior products, Alpine is truly a prominent brand name you can rely on.

Alpine double din is just one of the premium products of Alpine. This car stereo is smartly engineered using top-rate materials to ensure ultimate durability and functionality.

Alpine double din is a perfect accessory that can be easily installed on your car. This device allows you to play music which helps you unwind while on the road. Therefore, driving becomes less boring and tiresome as it gives you a more enjoyable therapeutic driving experience which is very ideal during long distanced trips or long traffic jams.

Most double din car stereos from Alpine offer oodles of terrific features designed to give you and your family or friends extreme music entertainment. Alpine car stereos flaunt their in dash DVD player that plays songs saved on both CD-R and CD-RW. They even include a USB slot which is integrated on the din so you can play music files saved on your other audio devices like mp3 players and flash drives.

Some models even boast their mind boggling highlights which include the iPhone and iPod compatibility. Not only does Alpine let you play music from such gadgets but it also enables you to make hands-free calls as it employs Bluetooth connectivity. These features are great for those who are techie people as they can further maximize the functionality of their car stereos.

Even more, high range models of Alpine car stereos have touch screen features. These enable you to easily navigate the settings of the stereo while driving which is far more convenient than the conventional car stereo displays. What most people like about Alpine double din is that they are very easy to install and operate so you will have no headaches and problems to worry. Other digital models even have GPS technology which allows you to save your favorite places. This will make driving even easier as it guides you by giving you a digital road map that you only need to follow in order to reach your chosen destination.

Alpine double din is undeniably a top-rate in-car music system you can surely rely on. With its cool features and amazing utilities, what more can you ask for? The most reasonable way to get this product is to choose first the specific model that will suit your budget. After which, you can then place your order online.

Double Din GPS Review

All About Double Din GPS

Double Din GPS is one of the major priorities of most car aficionados. This device is also known as In dash GPS which is one of the new auto gadgets in today’s modern society. This In-dash GPS is normally hard wired into the car and comes with a built-in widescreen display. Like other car accessories, this device also comes with several features depending on the model and brand name.

Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC and Panasonic are just some of the big companies that manufacture such car accessory. They offer wide range of different GPS models to suit everyone’s needs. Prices usually vary depending on the number of features. But basically, the greater the number of advanced features it includes, the higher the price is.

An excellent Double Din GPS comes with a user-friendly touch screen display. This is quite helpful for those who are still neophyte in choosing car accessories as it offers an ease of use. Hence, operating it is less hassle and trouble-free. It also features either 2D or 3D map display which makes it easier for the driver to identify routes and other destinations. Another great thing about this device is that it does not only guide you through text but also through speech voice which is just simply amazing. This makes driving easier than ever as you only need to listen to the speech voice. However, you need to thoroughly scrutinize first this feature to ensure that you are getting a pleasant and understandable male or female voice.

Some Double Din GPS system features myriads of points of interest which is really great for those who like traveling or for people who often enjoy road trips with their friends or families. This will show you millions of points of interest so you will know which spots or locations are worth to visit. The great thing about it is that it allows you to save your favorite routes that will help you in the future, just in case you want to pay a visit again to a particular place.

One of the great advantages of Double Din GPS is that it helps you save more time and effort. If you have this device installed on your car, you can easily drive and reach your chosen destination as it can calculate the average road speed between two points. All you have to do is to select the easiest routes. It is absolutely a time-saver isn’t it?

With so many available in-dash GPS in the market, the question is, which Double Din GPS are you going to purchase? In order to avoid such dilemma, the best thing that you can do is to go online and read product and customer reviews. This will help you determine if the product is well worth the money or not and guide you in your purchasing decision.

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Clarion Double Din – A Quality Car Audio System

Clarion Double Din Review

A car audio system is considered as an important feature by most car aficionados. Basically, it provides entertainment that will set your mood so you can enjoy your ride together with your family or friends. Clarion double din is one of the popular car stereos you can surely rely on. Clarion is a well known brand of quality in-car audio products. The name continues to flourish with their new innovations and developments. They offer wide selection of double din models packed with various features so you can easily select the one that suits your driving needs.

Clarion double din is a high performance car stereo. It is thoroughly constructed using heavy duty materials which make it sturdier than ever. If you love listening to music most of the time, then this car accessory is just right for you. It is made to last so you can surely enjoy your everyday trip with this incredible car stereo.

Clarion car stereos are available in various designs with different sets of functions to choose from. Most of their products can play music burnt on CD or songs saved on mp3 player. They also offer high range models that are equipped with digital features to cater the needs of those technically orientated people, especially those who own the latest audio gadgets today. Clarion includes the Bluetooth connectivity to their recent car audio system modes. This feature enables you to make and entertain hands-free calls which add safety while you drive. Some models even allow you to do audio streaming so you can listen to the most up-to-date songs today.

With its features and quality, you will never go wrong with Clarion Double din. Flaunting its new digital features, Clarion includes GPS or Global Positioning System technology to some of its in-car products. This feature is designed to make driving and road trips more worthwhile. It helps you know numerous points of interest through its 3D map shown on your large screen display. This will give you ideas which places such as amusement parks, museums, hotels, beaches, etc. are worth to visit. You can even save your favorite destinations. The large screen even has touch screen features that makes the navigation a breeze and hassle-free.

You can even hook your different music gadgets like iPod, iPhone and flash drive to this car audio system to make the most of our music entertainment. Just keep in mind that you may need to purchase connectors to connect such audio devices. Clarion Double Din can be purchased in the market and also in some online stores like Amazon. You don’t have to worry about the cost as it offers very reasonable price you will definitely love.

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Jensen Double Din Review

All About Jensen Double Din

Choosing the best car audio system for your car is essential. An in-car audio system gives you entertainment which makes driving more fun and less exhausting. However, it can also give you some headaches due to the many brands and models available in the market. To give you a heads up, try to choose a reputable brand before selecting a specific model. Jensen double din has become one of the most sought in-car products in the market today due to many remarkable reasons.

Jensen double din is an easy to use car accessory. It can be easily installed by a single person into his car without any hassle to deal with. This car stereo is carefully engineered with the aid of superior materials which make it quite hard-wearing ideal for everyday use. Indubitably, this double din car stereo offers extreme performance with its far-fetched features you will surely relish with your family and cronies.

What media does Jensen double din play?

This car stereo is quite versatile. It plays CDs, DVDs, and Mp3s. So if you have songs burn on CD, be it a recordable or a rewritable one, you play them all using this incredible device. You can even play songs saved on your mp3 player. It is also equipped with Am/Fm tuner.

What features it includes?

Depending on the model, Jensen provides various features including those digital ones to make the most of your entertainment. One of their latest features is the GPS technology that gives you oodles of points of interest right on the large wide screen display. This feature will show you different places that you may visit such as hotels, amusement park and other historical places. Another excellent feature is the Bluetooth connectivity that lets you make hands-free calls while driving. Most high range models of double din stereos from Jensen are highly compatible with different audio playing devices such as iPod and iPhone. So if you own such gadgets, you can surely maximize the functionality of your in-car music system.

Another remarkable feature is the built-in graphic interface with touch screen features. This allows the driver to easily navigate the settings. By just a simple tap or drag, you can now control and operate this stereo more conveniently and efficiently. What most people adore about Jensen is that they offer double din car stereos with good quality and good prices.
So if you are on a tight budget, worry no more because you can still get a quality Jensen double din that would fit your budget. Aside from the marketplace, Jensen car stereos can also be purchased online. Feel free to visit Amazon so you can browse and select the specific model that suits your needs.

Double Din CD Player

Double Din CD Player Review

Nowadays, people are more accustomed with modern devices which are developed by the world’s finest innovators. With regard to auto devices, most people, especially those car enthusiasts opt to buy those more advanced head units which do not exclude the Double Din CD Player. This car audio system is more impressive than the standard factory car stereo. It is loaded with more advanced and user-friendly features that bring extreme entertainment on the road.

Double Din CD player has become one of the in demand in-car products in the market today. It is widely available in big shopping centers and retail stores as well. It is also available in various designs so you can easily choose the one that suits your standards.
The ultimate purpose of Double Din CD player is to play music with superior sound quality that will entertain you while driving.

Depending on the quality and features, this car stereo gives you nothing but incredible driving experience you can surely enjoy with your loved ones and significant others. This car accessory is easy to install so you will have no problem to worry about. It also offers an ease of use making it easier for you to control it while driving.

Most double din models play songs burnt on CD-R or CD-RW. This is really great for those who frequently travel as it keeps you from boredom. With this device, you can enjoy more you trip as you can listen to just about any songs anytime and anywhere. Some models even have digital features that allow you to connect your latest gadgets such as iPod, iPhone and smart phone. You can also use your Bluetooth-capable phone because many car stereo companies have already incorporated the Bluetooth connectivity to their products. This feature allows you to make and receive hands-free calls via your car speaker which is safer and more legal.

Another notable feature of most up-to-date models is the touch screen facilities. Since double din is equipped with a large graphic interface, you can now control and access different settings more easily and efficiently while on the road. Due to the nature, feature and overall quality, double din CD player is unquestionably an excellent car accessory you will definitely adore.

But before you rush and get one for your car, it is essential to consider first some essential factors. These may include features, durability, quality and cost. You can save money if you place your order online because many online stores like Amazon offers more cost effective car stereos than other retail stores. Just keep in mind to do product research first before you purchase one. Doing this will help you select the right double din model that fits your needs and budget.