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Ultimate Stereo: The Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews

Seeking for how to get the best double din stereo in 2017? BestDoubleDinHeadUnits.Com is the right place for you to drop by and get ideas from. The website is designed to provide full reviews, guides, and tips of how to choose the best brands of double din radios, double din head units and double din touch screen receivers, as well as car speakers and subwoofers.

It is necessary to equip your car with Best Double Din Head Unit, Best Double Din Radio, Best Double Din Stereo if you want to breathe new motivation into your boring life. Most people don’t recognize that they can bring the whole world to their driving experience by equipping double din unit. Luckily, with a great car stereo system, you can turn your long trips, or short trips into enjoyable, amusing, and nice feelings with comfort. A new double DIN stereo unit can bring all of the wonderful possibilities to your driving experience. In 2017, the best double din head units are one of the best choices for you to make because they have all advanced technology that can help you get rid of boring feelings when driving.

Want to enjoy your long drives with real entertainment while you are traveling to your work, school, or anywhere?

There are various choices that you can make from: radio, CD or MP3 player, Bluetooth, phone, GPS navigation or even an in-car DVD player.

Keep yourself and your family entertained while driving! Real Life with Real Joy!

Below is the PROS and CONS of different brands of car stereos you have been seeking for.

There are various brands, specifications, and functions of a double din head units that it might be difficult to decide which one to purchase. Here is a list of several of the most popular units and their specifications. Also check out best car speakers of 2017 to make your car feel like new again. If you want to take car stereo to the next level consider adding a Alpine or Kicker amplifier as well as a under seat subwoofer.

What does Double Din Head Unit Mean?

It is necessary and important to know what Double-Din actually means before coming to choose The Best Double Din Head Unit. Here are some technical statistics that you may need to remember before purchasing.
– A Double Din panel has the size of 180mm by 100mm while the One Din panel has the size of 180 mm by 50 mm.
– A Double Din Head Unit has the standard size – 4 inches by 7 inches while One Din Head Unit has the standard size – 2 mm by 7 inches.

Double Din – A Top Notch Car Gizmo: Find out why the double din is loved by most car owners!

The Double Din car audio system has become a new craze in car industry. This is one of the top notch gizmos designed to give you ultimate entertainment right at the comfort of your car. It offers digital features and other useful utilities that make driving more fun and less tiresome. It is also available in different styles and features so you can surely pick the one that can meet your standards and preferences.

Smartly built with the aid of cutting edge technology, this double din will surely make a great addition to your car accessories. It offers an ease of use. Hence, installing it is just a do-it-yourself job free from any hassle. This is great for all car enthusiasts as well as those who are planning to replace their old car audio system.

There are actually more than enough reasons why Double din has become one of the sought after auto gadgets nowadays. It offers oodles of amazing features that give you nothing but ultimate entertainment you will definitely relish while driving. Most car stereos of this type can play both CD and DVD with integrated USB ports that allow the user to play music coming from other flash drive or other gadgets such as iPod and mobile phones.

In addition to its digital features, it is Bluetooth ready so you can connect your Bluetooth-enables phone and receive incoming phone call while driving. It does not only support iPod but also iPhone which is quite exciting for those techie inclined people. Moreover, there are also some double din car stereos that are GPS-capable. This feature allows the user to mark and save addresses so you can easily control and manage different routes.

Once you get sick and tired hearing those songs stored from your iPod playlist or DVD disc, you also have the option to play music using its fm/am radio tuner. This car audio system can support various audio music formats which include mp3, AAC, and wma. Another remarkable feature is the touch screen feature. This gives the user more convenience and efficiency. All you have to do is to tap and drag options and menus on the interface which is indeed a lot easier. However, not all double din car stereo systems have this feature.
If you are looking for the best double din car stereo system but are not sure which one to buy, here’s a heads up.

Some popular brands that offer quality car stereo systems include Panasonic, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, and Pioneer.

Here are examples:

1. Boss BV8965B

2. JVC KW-XR610

3. Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD

These brands have great reputation so you can surely rely on their products. To help you save money, it is recommended to place your order online. Online products are much cheaper than retail stores and other big shopping malls. So go online and visit trusted online store like Amazon so you can then purchase one.

Famous and Popular brands:

Nowadays, with the development of technology, we can find some famous and popular brands that can provide great din head units at affordable with high quality while they can fit a car’s dashboard well because of its good designs. These respectable brands can be named as Pioneer and Kenwood!

These panels are designed to help users get a fast paced tablet driven lifestyle. They include lots of advanced features that can help us to use and manage easily, and quickly. Control panels, buttons, etc…are designed with bigger sizes to provide prominent usages. Moreover, the Double din navigation is upgraded with best features. Below is the list of the best products with full reviews that you all can read in order to pick the best ones that fit your need and requirement.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Double Din Head Unit. Here are the things you should know before buying the best double din head unit:

If you are looking for the best double din head unit, then you may want to read this article. Choosing the right head unit for your car is not an easy job. Due to the advancement of technology, a lot of head units were developed and made available in the market. They come in different styles, sizes and features for you to choose from.

Before we dig in to more in-depth details, let us define first what exactly a double din head unit is. This is actually an in-car piece of device that acts as the core of the entire stereo system. It measures 4 x 7, twice the size of a single din. This is installed on the car to provide the driver and other passengers great entertainment during road trips.

Selecting the best double din head unit involves thorough analysis. That is why prior to placing your order, it is essential to learn more about the particular product to avoid regrets in the future. Listed below are some of the important things to consider in selecting the best double din head unit.


If you want a head unit that plays both music and video, then choose the one with on-screen navigation. Oftentimes, it necessitates a disk and an antenna that must be situated at the back of the car. Having a built-in navigation is quite expensive but with the ease of use it provides, it would still make a great value for the money.

Product Sample: Pioneer AVIC-X920BT

Ipod and Mp3 player

If you are technically savvy, then you probably have our own music gadgets like iPod and mp3 player. Most car enthusiasts nowadays are looking for a head unit that allows them to play music from their iPod or mp3 player to make the most of their entertainment while on the road. So if you want a head unit that is compatible with such audio music devices, then you may need to purchase another cable that will allow you to connect your iPod or mp3 player.

Product Sample: Boss BV9560B

Bluetooth Connectivity

Choosing a double din with Bluetooth feature provides you more convenience. It allows you to receive hands-free calls while driving. Another good thing about this feature is that it will automatically mute the music you are listening every time there is an incoming call or text message.

Product Sample: Boss BV8965B

HD Radio

Most higher-end brands of double din head unit are integrated with HD radio tuner. Unlike the conventional radio tuner, this one is far better as it can catch high definition radio channels and gives you a much higher quality signal.

Product Sample: Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD

Those things mentioned above are just some of the important things that you need to consider during your decision-making process. Such things will help you choose the best double din head unit that gives you nothing but ultimate entertainment you will definitely relish while on the road.

Double Din Car Stereo Tips on How to Buy One

When you are planning to buy a double din car stereo, there are actually a lot of choices to choose from. Sometimes, because of these options, it can make you confused. So to help you out, here are the tips on how to buy a double din car stereo.

To start, the main function of a car stereo is to give you entertainment while you are driving. But the question is, what are go going to listen? So before buying one, you should determine what kind of listening enjoyment you want. Do you listen to the FM/AM radio stations all the time? If so, it is ideal to find a radio that has minimal FM sensitivity for about 8 to 12 decibels. Most radios nowadays have digital processing to filter analog signals, getting rid of the static that are common in radio broadcasts. Try to check out these specs if they are essential to you.

Example of a car stereo that has a good AM/FM: JVC KW-XR810

Thinking about high-definition radio? Because of the rapid development of our technology, it is now possible to broadcast using digital signals. High-definition radios are now providing static-free reception plus a high sound quality compared to the outdated radios. To have an HD radio, your car stereo must have an HD radio tuner, which is already built-in or come as an accessory. Both of these are freely accessible and provide the same outcomes, so it depends on you what to choose.

Do you have DVD/CD collections? Nowadays, all double din car stereos have DVD/CD playback. However, the quality of the playback and the capability to play your own DVD/CD burn will vary. You should always examine the stereo’s signal-to-playback ratio. Pick the one that has high-decibel ratings which will provide a cleaner audio to the playback. Most of all, before buying any unit, you should always read reviews from reliable sources to see if there are any issues with regards to the DVD/CD playback.

Example of a car stereo that has DVD/CD playback: JVC KW-XR610

What if you DVD/CD have mp3 audio files and other audio format? The three common types of audio format are mp3, AAC and WMA. Any of these audio formats will allow you to put music that can play for house within a single CD. For instance, if you preferred mp3 audio format with an average of 4mb each, you can save more than 150 songs in one CD. However, the issue is whether or not the unit you chose can play the format you prefer. Though most players have the functionality to play all of them, it is a good practice to examine the specs. Also, check out the information about playing DVD/CDs.

These are the basic things you need to know when buying a double din car stereo. You should follow all these to make sure you get the optimum listening experience.

Double Din car stereos are made to replace the factory car stereos of a car. This entices a person to buy an installation kit along with a brand new stereo system. Nearly all modern cars nowadays have these kinds of car audio system. Car manufacturers like Toyota and Nissan are already incorporating this audio system on their cars to innovate the standard features of car radios. Because of the rapid development of our technology, you can now see a GPS or a touch screen to some of the modern car audio systems.

Here is an example of a double din that has a touchscreen: JVC KW-AVX820

Because of the development of our technology, it gave birth to it. Double din still has the standard size of a car stereo, and it has included some features like DVD player, mp3 player and phone capabilities. This can be considered as the all-in-one car audio system.

The most obvious difference between a double din car stereo and other car audio system is the impressive features in provides. The standard size of a double din screen will vary from about 12.5 x 0.5 x 10 in. With this dimensions, you can clearly see the information from the screen even in a single glance. Nearly all of the double din car stereos feature touch screen that make the unit more easier and safe to use while you are on the road. Instead of getting confused which knobs or buttons to push, you just need to tap the screen that correspond to the function that you want.

The AM/FM tuner is normally built-in with a satellite radio (Read the review of JVC KW-XR810 for example of satellite radio). This feature makes it compatible with a GPS utility. If you double din car stereo has a GPS function, you can save and mark addresses. With this, you have the control of managing your favorite routes. The POI icons will easily pop up in your map route. If a GPS-enabled double din car stereo is integrated with electronic mapping, you can easily detect priority roads. With the audible directions and 3D landmarks, it provides you turn-by-turn leads to arrive in your destination quickly. Furthermore, several double dins include a voice recognition that will allow you to command the system.

The multimedia features like DVD/CD and mp3 utilities provide you entertainment and music while you are driving bored. Nearly all double dins allow upgrades such as video input or external audio, Bluetooth connectivity and subwoofer preamps.

Here is an example of a double din that has multimedia utilities: Boss BV8965B

A double din car stereo that has Bluetooth connectivity allows you to make hands-free calls while driving. With this feature, you can integrate your mobile phone into the double din. This is very useful in the US where using mobile phones while driving is not allowed. Mobile phones are not the only ones that can be integrated in the system; you can also connection your mp3 players, iPods and some other gadgets that have a Bluetooth connection.

Here is an example of a double din that has bluetooth feature: JVC KW-XR610

Thus, it goes beyond enhanced listening experiences. With this kind of double din car stereo, it can increase safety measures and provide entertainment while driving.

Best Double Din Car Stereo Reviews

Here are some of our best reviews in this website. They are the best double din car stereo to buy. Each has its own unique features and functions. If you want to read each product review, just click on the hyper-linked text.


JVC KW-AVX820 is a CD, DVD and USB receiver. It features a 7-inch touch screen panel, detachable face and proximity sensor. It has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to make hands-free phone calls and wireless music listening. Included accessory is the high-speed USB 2.0 port for USB gadgets or iPhone/iPod management.

Pioneer FH-P8000BT

If you will upgrade your double din car stereo system, try to consider the Pioneer FH-P8000BT. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream audio wireless and receive hands-free phone calls. It can only play CDs, mp3, WMA, AAC audio format. It has a direct USB control for the iPod/iPhone and much more. You can expand your option by putting HD/SAT radio, or making use of the three 4V RCA preamp outputs.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT incorporates complex navigation features with innovative functions such as the 3D touch slide GUI, ECO graph and the Pioneer MusicSphere. Included in the package is a 42GB flash memory. It has a 6.1-inch touchscreen panel, 3D graphics accelerator, built-on Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming and hands-free phone calls, DVD playback, a USB for iPod/iPhone connectivity, back-up camera input, microSD card slot and much more!

Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD

Have your multimedia while driving on the road with Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD, a double din DVD Multimedia AV Receiver having a 7-inch widescreen panel. It features a versatile video and music playback, advanced functions like DivX support and USB Direct Control, an integrated MOSFET 50 W x 4 amp, and many expansion choices, it is the best way to transform you car into a mobile entertainment arena.

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD

The Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD is double din DVD multimedia AV receiver that features a 5.8-inch widescreen panel and has a DVD video playback, DivX, and MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC. Additionally, it features iPod direct control (CD-IU50V required) and it is Bluetooth-adapter ready (CD-BTB200 required).


JVC KW-XR810 is actually a USB/CD receiver with a lot of connectivities: connect USB units as well as iPod/iPhones with double USB ports, or other gadgets with the front-panel 3.5mm auxiliary input. Bluetooth features provide you with hands-free phone calls or wireless audio streaming using your mobile phone, and expansion choices consist of 3 preamp outputs and simple addition of HD or satellite radio. The best feature is the Separated Variable Color that allows you to adjust the receiver’s display color to fit your car or taste.


It is obvious that many people are looking for buying one of popular advanced accessories – Double-Din Stereo panels because they are indispensable to their cars. Most of the best double din units offer full compatibility with phone using Bluetooth and in-built GPS navigation systems as well as high quality touch screens including quick, and good OS.